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New features on Diveboard: buddies, widgets, better bulk uploader, support for Suunto Moovescount

by Ksso on December 03, 2012

We pushed a little update on Diveboard last Friday. The main areas of change (outside of the usual pile of bugfixes and under-the-hood optimizations) include :

Bulk dive uploader & Sunnto Moovescount

With the mobile application letting you create dives on the go, we needed a way to enable to upload all your dive profiles and match them with existing dives. Hence a new version of the bulk uploader doing just that.

On top of that, we added support for dive exported from Suuno moovescount as xlsx files. Some users got stuck in that server with no standard way out so we had to make a dedicated connector to help them out. Unfortunately moovescount radomly breaks xlsx exported files, so you may...


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