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Diveboard update: Species picker and Internet Explorer

by Ksso on April 27, 2012

This week on Diveboard we bring you one new experimental feature that has been long awaited : the (proper) species picker.It works in a very simple way : it's basically a dynamically generated species identification card. If you have selected a dive spot in your dive editor, the species picker will get populated with the "local species" list from our occurrence database. That database has 50M entries and so it should be plenty enough to most cases, be we know that some areas have been less explored than others or that scientists may have focused more on certain species than others when surveying areas. Thus if the species you're looking for is missing, simply switch context and browse the...


Diveboard feature updates : Activity feed settings

by Ksso on April 13, 2012

When we launched the activity feed a few weeks ago, it was a bit rough on the edges but we had to see it live to understand how to make it really useful. Getting one step closer to this goal we have now added a settings pane to the activity feed, which can be accessed through the wheel, top-right to the feed.This settings pane will let you understand what you are following and will give you recommendation as to chat may be of interest for you regarding your diving history. Hope you find this useful !


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