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Golem (iQSub) 330m / 1000ft GoPro Dive Housing

by Richard Wait on January 26, 2013

iQSub 330m/1000ft Dive Housing

Ultra secure locking mechaism.

Side by Side with the 60m Dive Housing

Beautifully Machined

Reviewed January 2013

Just like your 200m watch - but real...

Looking to take your GoPro to the deep on those super deep dives? But afraid the standard 60m housing will leak? Well the good folks at Golem Gear have the answer.

An aluminium (machined from one piece) colossal 330m / 1000ft monster.

I feel looking at this amazing housing, it really will survive a dive to these depths, but I have to wonder if its just for marketing. Maybe someone will use them one a ROV - but I can't see any 'diver' taking one of these to its limits. ...


Checking out Phantom Springs Cave Expedition - West Texas

by Ksso on January 26, 2013

I had a tab with this video opened for the last couple of days and when I watched it it just blew my mind.

Follow a couple of scientists as they survey a beautiful pristine cave in the desert of west Texas. Watch them as they map the galleries and look for new species in place you would not even think they would be. As they surveyed the cave they  hit a record depth of 462ft/140.8m making it the deepest natural underwater cave system in the United States!

Phantom Springs Cave Expedition 2013 from Liquid Productions, LLC on Vimeo.


Are we all smurfs?

by Chris W on January 16, 2013

Ok... time to pose a question...Why are the majority of drysuit glove systems blue???With the exception of my daughter who does actually dive in a two tone blue drysuit, pretty much everone else I know goes for variants around black. Personally I dive in black with a smattering of yellow and generally look like an aquatic wasp..  but even in my most boring suit, I have nothing that goes with bright blue hands.I'm usually the first to snigger at the colour co-ordinated, ink still damp on the OW cert squad for who its more about the esthetic rather than the experience, but in this instance I can't help being a fashion victim.Put me out of my misery - is there some scientific / historic...


New features on Diveboard: Wallet, New dive computers supported

by Pascal on January 15, 2013

With the first update of the year, we bring a feature that has been requested a lot on our feedback forum : the Wallet ! It allows you to store online a scan of your diving certifications, medical certificates, insurance card, etc... 

The uploaded documents remain exclusively private, and you will always be able to get a copy of your dive certifications, whenever you forget your cards on your kitchen table before leaving for Thailand, or when your real wallet is now decorating the home of an octopus at 30m below see level !

This update also enhances the capabilities of our plugin to upload dive from computers : ...


Diving Log (loves) Diveboard (and vice-versa)

by Ksso on January 07, 2013

Since the release of our API, we've been working at working with partners at using Diveboard as a platform.

Today I'm pleased to announce one of the first integration going live with Sven Knoch's Diving Log - one of the better if not the best logbook for Windows.

Sven added two integration points with diveboard leveraging on our APIs

Logbook synchronization ( well actually upload and download )

Access to the Diveboard spot database to properly tag your logged dives  

If you're using Diving Log you'll love the integration, if you're a windows Diveboard user and wanted to add an offline access to your Diveboard logbook from your PC, Diving Log is what you're looking for ! ...


Giant 8m/26ft long squid filmed by 800m/2600ft depth

by Ksso on January 07, 2013

Japanese TV channels have just announced today that Professor Tsunemi Kubodera and team have been able to spot a giant squid of about 8m/26ft long by 800m/2600ft depth. This may sound gigantic, but actually the "Architeuthis" is thought to be able to grow up to 13m/42ft long !

Professor Kubodera had spent over 400hrs underwater in his submersible before the sighting, and only focusing on areas he knew for sure the giant squids were roaming - that's how hard it is to see them !

They spotted the beast about 15km east of Chichi island, in northern Pacific by 630m depth and followed it by 900m as he was following a prey. ...


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