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Bring life to your scuba log in no time with Diveboard

by Pascal on July 24, 2013

Bored of filling in your scuba logbook which may stand for your experience, but not for what you have experienced during the dives ?

You want your logbook to be more visual than an old scrap of paper with some scribbled notes on it ?

You would like to show your friend who don't dive why they should give it a try someday ? or you would like to brag to your friends who dive about that big manta you saw during the last dive ?

Diveboard makes it extremely easy to put together all the details that matters about a dive, be it technical parameters, the exact location of the dive site or your pictures and what you saw.

Import your dives from your computer ...


Becoming a PADI Instructor: Gases (Part 1)

by Phil on July 17, 2013

Welcome back to my "Becoming a PADI Instructor" Blog Series yet again...are you getting sick of me yet? Let's talk about Gases!

Dalton's Law

Dalton's Law states: the total pressure exerted by the mixture of non-reactive gases is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of individual gases. What the heck does that even mean? For the sake of simplicity and examples throughout this series we'll consider air 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen (Ignoring traces of Neon, Krypton, Hydrogen, Xenon Radon, Carbon Monoxide, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide).

Think of 1 bar / atmosphere as 100% of a gas mixture. In air you have 21% Oxygen + 79% Nitrogen = 100% of Gas Mixture. In terms of partial pressures it is...


Becoming a PADI Instructor: Bouyancy

by Phil on July 11, 2013

Welcome back to my "Becoming a PADI Instructor" Blog Series! Let's talk about buoyancy!

Let's start with an interesting tidbit of information. I've said it myself and I've heard other say it when people ask "What is Scuba diving like?", we often respond "It's like being an astronaut floating around weightless in space!" and everyone gets really excited. The excitement is real but the weightless statement is not. Even underwater earth's gravity continues to pull down on you as if you were on the surface. This is why you can still feel whether you are upside down or right-side up underwater. An astronaut does not have these feelings. ...


Mako shark attacking a PelagicView dredge

by Ksso on July 11, 2013

Super impressive video unexpectedly shot a few days ago next to Ocean City, MD. Fishermen were looking for thuna and stuck a Gopro to their line. They ended up shooting a Mako shark feasting on the bait ! 

The images show the mako catching up the bait moving at 7 knots (~ 12kmh) and giving a fairly good view on the shark's pointy teeth.


Becoming a PADI Instructor: Physics

by Phil on July 08, 2013

The Physics of Diving  (Heat / Light / Vision / Sound)In this section of my "Becoming a PADI Instructor" Blog Series, I am going to be focusing on the Physics of Diving. This section and the Physiology section is where I'll probably be spending the majority of my time as I was told by most of the instructors I've talked to that if I have those two sections down well the rest should be fairly easy. I'm mostly using the PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and IDC-Guide for my research. Otherwise I'm using Google to find academic resources to get a greater understanding of things I want to learn more about.

Water & Heat ...


Octopus riding a turtle

by Ksso on July 06, 2013

Spotted on reddit and.... totally AWESOME ! Maybe octopus are secretly playing quidditch riding turtles and blasting pufferfishes and chasing nautiluses ... this totally needs more investigation.

Alternatively this may be an alien .... :)


Introducing Diveboard for Business

by Ksso on July 02, 2013

Improvements on Diveboard happen daily -  but today we've got something really BIG to announce.

Starting today "Diveboard for business" is ... open for business !!

We've been pouring a lot of time and effort for this release and it comes as a major upgrade to the pro pages that many dive shops have already claimed and customised. 

Diveboard for business is a tailor-made solution for dive professionals to market their services to divers and start offering online booking!

Create custom advertisement that will shop up on various parts of Diveboard - but only when they make sense ! Diveboard may be free but it's not a giant billboard - yet we see ads as another way to convey value to our uses...


Dry Mouth

by Ace Manev on July 01, 2013

I, probably like many, during my dive, my mouth becomes dry. No matter how much I drank fluids

before the dive, eventually it's dried up again. So I have adopted a

simple method that has worked for me quite well.

I still drink fluids

before I dive, especially electrolyte drinks, but I also just before I jump in the water, put a

piece of hard boiled candy and hold in my mouth, between my inside cheeks and

gum. When I start to feel dry, I roll the candy across the tongue,

this promotes saliva therefore not having that dry mouth feeling.

My choice of candy is either Barley

Sugar, or Lifesavers (the fruity flavour ones). Give it a try, and

see if it works for you...  


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