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Tips for SCUBA Travel - eBook

by SKuba Steve on August 20, 2014

Hi Diveboard Buddies,

If you travel with SCUBA gear then you know there can be a LOT to think about  as you plan your trip.

In this short eBook I share things I've found to be helpful when I'm getting ready to go on a dive trip either by air or auto. Click the book cover photo or the link at the bottom of this post.

This is currently available in PDF or ePub format.

This link is not public but not really secret either. If you travel for SCUBA please consider downloading it and if you can fill out the feedback on the bottom of the page after you've gone through it. 

In the coming months I'm going to update it and put it out publicly but I'd love some input from interested divers first. ...


Tucia loves Diveboard - Free coupons to bring colors back to your pictures

by Ksso on August 08, 2014

Underwater photography is challenging. Not only do you need skills and gear to take a nice shot, but even with a perfect shot the end results may be a bit disappointing.

A lot of stuff come in the way of the perfect picture, namely:

Color absorption: This is why everything looks bleu at depth: red first then green are absorbed by water.

Backscatter: When you use a flash, you'll illuminate all the particles in between you and the subject you're shooting at - ending with countless small white dots everywhere in the picture

Good news : those can be fixed, and doing it properly will turn a good photo into something really amazing ! But picture fixing is really a question of skills and time. ...


New Review: Sony a7 in Nauticam a7 Housing

by Jack Connick on August 07, 2014

New Review of the Sony a7 in the Nauticam USA

NA-A7 housing has been posted in The Resource Center. This new

mirrorless, full-frame camera is setting new precedent in a smaller,

lighter-weight, yet professional level system.


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