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Island hopping in the Visayas, Philippines

by Florine Isunderwater on January 29, 2015

I thought I was going back to South East Asia another time… I was wrong and so surprised about what I found in the Philippines! It was definitely different but in the end it was much better than expected.  [...]

My itinerary in the Visayan Islands

I could have done like most tourists, booking domestic flights and visit the whole country in 3 weeks by spending no more than 2 days in every place. Palawan, another great place of the Philippines was on my list. My main target being Malapascua and having heard Manila was not the nicest place of the Philippines, I looked for a flight arriving directly to Cebu and found the perfect one via South Korea (giving me the opportunity to discover Seoul...


Is "scuba=adventure" the best positioning to attract new divers?

by Scubasurveys on January 28, 2015

Everywhere you look, the scuba industry - from agencies to dive shops to manufacturers  -  is selling "adventure" as the reason people should take up diving.  As a marketer for the past 25yrs, a diver for the past 8yrs, and an instructor since last year, I've never been convinced that's the right approach to attracting new divers.

So recently I conducted a market research study with divers (n=239) and non-divers (n=219) to determine if there's anything different about how they see themselves that might explain why some people dive... and some don't.

I won't go crazy with full methodology in a post here (certainly not my first one) but one of the key pieces of data that jumped out at me is...


Panasonic 45mm Macro Lens Underwater Test

by Simon Chiu on January 03, 2015

I have used Panasonic 20mm and 14-42mm kit lens for underwater photography for more than two years. These two lens can't focus on close objects, so it's really difficult to use them to take pictures of small stuffs with good results. Hence, I bought a second hand Panasonic 45mm Macro lens to improve my underwater pictures.

The minimum focus distance of the lens on the lend is 15cm(0.49ft). How big the object taken by the lends can be? The diameter of the coin below is 2.6cm(1.02in), and the image of it taken by Panasonic GF1(4/3 mirror less) underwater is like this: 

So, if you take a picture of a coin-size frogfish, it will be approximately like this:  ...


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