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Dive Site Orientation Series - Homestead Crater

by SKuba Steve on December 09, 2013

Hi Dive Buddies!

I'm excited to be publishing the first installment of the Dive Site Orientation Series. In this video we tour the Homestead Crater in Midway Utah. If you read my previous post you may remember that there will be two versions of each video. The first one here is the Vimeo version or VEdit as I'm calling it without the funner footage and pithy commentary by your's truly.

Read on for some history of the Homestead Crater, services offered and, of course, the link to the Youtube edit where SKuba Steve is attacked by aliens!

If you just can't wait...

The Vimeo Edit:

Tour - Homestead Crater - VEdit from SKuba Steve on Vimeo.

General Information ...


Tiny and awesome: Discovering Lembeh Macro Life

by Ksso on June 19, 2013

Khaled Sultani made that incredible video starring the macro life in Lembeh Strait . Lembeh is considered the "muck diving capital" and is probably the best place to be for underwater macro photographers. With a biodiversity like nowhere else combined with the friendliness of Indonesians, it's a place to pin on every diver's map.

Follow Khaled through this video and ... let's see how many species you can recognizem ! Hit the comments with your tags time:species !

Got Muck? from Khaled Sultani on Vimeo.


Checking out Phantom Springs Cave Expedition - West Texas

by Ksso on January 26, 2013

I had a tab with this video opened for the last couple of days and when I watched it it just blew my mind.

Follow a couple of scientists as they survey a beautiful pristine cave in the desert of west Texas. Watch them as they map the galleries and look for new species in place you would not even think they would be. As they surveyed the cave they  hit a record depth of 462ft/140.8m making it the deepest natural underwater cave system in the United States!

Phantom Springs Cave Expedition 2013 from Liquid Productions, LLC on Vimeo.


One third of marine species remain to be discovered!

by Ksso on November 21, 2012

Biology is tough. When you start diving, you start by being amazed by the beautiful marine life around... and as your skills increase so is your understanding of what you actually see. And god is there a variety of species down there, once you're done with the understanding of the big categories and start digging at a species level, you realize how tough it is to properly identify a species - even with a proper picture at hand.

But NOAA has some news : apparently although there are still more species to be discovered! Diveboard is in some sense involved in that quest to understanding the marine life, whenever divers mark down species in their logbook, occurrence data gets shared with...


A new species of Giant Mantas

by Ksso on May 04, 2012

Dr Andrea Marshall talks about her discovery of a previously unknown second species of giant manta ray. Andrea has been working from a remote site off the coast of Mozambique in East Africa, studying a large population of giant manta rays.Andrea appears in a BBC Two documentary 'Andrea: Queen of Mantas' which follows her work in Mozambique. 


Diveboard TV: Underwater Opera

by Ksso on November 14, 2011

Underwater Video Contest Winners 2009 The Underwater Video "Oscar"Underwater Opera awarded! Gold Medal for 2009 year of underwater digital video at Underwater Video Contest Winners 2009 like the Underwater Video 'Oscar' "Underwater Opera" - is next sample of our diving experience during project "Escape to Nature". Don't forget to turn your speakers loud to enjoy the movie!!! ;-) You can order DVD with documentary travelogue Escape to Mauritius including bonus Underwater Opera and slideshow at escapetonature.euProducer and Filmmaker: Escape to Nature (Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova)Video and music edited by Tomas Dolezal (Vizage)camera: Sony PMW-EX1 (XDCAM EX (PAL/NTSC)uw housing:...


Video of the day: December on the Canary Islands

by Ksso on October 22, 2011

Another incredible video today by Rafa Herrero Massieu. Titled "December" and filmed near Tenerife on the Canary Islands,

December is the prelude of winter gales.There is an odd tranquility, waters still warm and clear,People seems to keep away from the shore, the Ocean recovers its peace.And Life claims its space: the pelagos

The video shows up amongst others an incredible group of whales dancing together. Those huge animals, covered in a previous post, are peaceful to humans.


Video day: Discover Sorocco Islands

by Ksso on October 20, 2011

Darek Sepiolo has put together an incredible video of his trip in Socorro Islands he did onboard the Solmar V, a beautiful livaboard ship.

Socorro belongs to Revillagigedo archipelago. It's located in Pacific out of Baja California coast (Mexico). It's not very popular diving destination but it definitely deserves attention. Mainly because of very friendly oceanic mantas. Music John Newton Howard from "The Lady in the Water".

If you haven't dived in a while you will absolutely feel an urge to when you'll see the beautiful mantas, reef sharks and hammerheads  passing Darek peacefully in the blue.


Underwater magical encounters: when your chest starts pounding

by Ksso on June 25, 2011

This is a must-see video : National Geographic's Brian Skerry describes the exhiliration of an up-close encounter with a curious, 45-foot-long right whale. For any diver, this kind of feeling are something we all experienced at some level. I remember my first encounter with a shark - my chest was pounding so hard I could not help but swim towards them to snap a closer shot. But I just can't imagine how exciting this encounter must have been and how much experience and self control you must need to get a right shot in those conditions.


The deepest dive : 1960 - 10,916m

by Ksso on May 07, 2011

In 1960 (that was 50 years ago !), the Trieste was the first and only submersible to ever reach the depth of 10,916m (38,500ft). Swiss designed, italian built, with a crew of two : Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard. The Trieste only had a tiny window to look outside, and the video below shows how crazy an adventure it must have been to get this submersible down there. This submersible is the ancestor of the new generation that Richard Branson aims at using with Virgin Oceanic.Fun fact, a prototype of the Rolex Deepsea was attached to the external structure and survived the test.


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