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welcome and Enjoy

by Aasem Morsyy on September 19, 2014

thanks all team work at the forum fish and happy time


Diveboard features update : Fish, Fish and Fish (it's friday !)

by Ksso on May 06, 2011

As we were teasing you earlier this week, we weren't happy about our Fish database, many common names were missing, it was hard and unintuitive to tag a fish, and if you don't know exactly which fish you've seen (ie. I saw a clownfish but which one !?) the system wasn't helping... So we had to rethink it a did a few major changes.A new database and improved UI

We worked with the guys and girls at Encyclopedia of Life - to integrate their über exhaustive database through their APIs. This enables us to search through millions of scientific and common names of marine species, giving you results to your queries that actually make sense. Cherry on top, we're showing a thumbnail for the...


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