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Miflex\Braided vs standard hoses

by David Bishop on May 01, 2017

Hi AllJust wondering thoughts on Miflex or braided hoses vs standard - I recently 'upgraded' mine and my fiancees regs with these in part for the colour options and my perception that they should be superior in flexability and weight. (Colours & durability back fired as I ended up diving with a pink hose in Egypt).Just thought someone might have an informed opinion on whether it was the right way to go or not?Thanks in advanceDavid 'Dibs's Bishop


Scuba with a Monofin?

by Gia on April 14, 2017

I've been intrigued by monofins of late, and their efficiency in freediving. I was curious as to whether there might be a benefit to using a monofin in scuba but found very little discussion of it online-- one or two people who have said that they've done it and liked it, and that's about it.

Has anyone here tried using a monofin for scuba and have thoughts?


Share a good diving light

by Yan Huang on September 08, 2016

OrcaTorch D520 dive

light has already come to market from 2015. The small size,very bright beam,

excellent build quality and great depth rating ,make the light very popular

with consumers.

To be serious, I

still specify its parameters to new persons.


D520 is a palm-sized diving light with 134.5mm body length and only 113.5g net

weight on land, but the output is up to 1050 lumens in such a small size.

▪OrcaTorch D520’s diving depth is rated to 150 meters with robust

water pressure resistant construction.

▪Powered by one 18650 battery, its max runtime can reach 2 hours.

▪Due to utilization of the USA CREE XM-L2(U3) neutral white LED, ...


Galileo Luna computer

by Stein Castillo on August 19, 2016

The time has come to upgrade my dive computer! I've been sniffing around and have a good feeling about the uwatec Galileo Luna computer.

Anyone with experience with this model that could share some experience?



محافظة البحيرة / مركز الرحمانية

by Sayed Elbana on November 10, 2014

انا احب مهنة الانقاذ جدا انها تعتمد علي الشجاعة والثقة في النفس والقوة وسرعة رد الفعل .. وسرعة اتخاذ القرار ... في قدرتك علي انقاذ الاشخاص الذين يتعرضون للغرق مهنة الانقاذ بالنسبة الي فهي اكثر من مجرد مهنة اعمل بهاc.sayed elbana


Worse Experience with Oceanic Customer Support for Geo 2.0

by Martyton on October 28, 2014

I'd like to share my experience with this community as I'd love to prevent others to feel as cheated as I do.About two and a half years ago I bought a brand new Oceanic Geo 2.0 in the Philippines, where I live. I bought it at the official Oceanic distributor. Two weeks ago the backlight of the computer failed. In addition, the clip that connects the computer to the PC/laptop literally crumbled in my hands while I was trying to download the data of my latest dives.I first tried to get the local shop to help out. They basically said they would contact Oceanic directly and have Oceanic direct them on what to do. They told me the most likely outcome was going to be Oceanic to tell them to...


6 Things to Love About Duct Tape in Your SCUBA Kit

by SKuba Steve on September 10, 2014

Duct tape is handy to have in the garage, the laundry room, in your office desk or even your sock drawer but did you know that white duct tape can be a valuable addition to your SCUBA diving kit?

Here are six reasons to throw a roll of duct tape into your kit in a cool new info-graphic (above). (driven by if you’re interested)Dive in to the full blog post for more!


Looking for a fitness monitor that will dive with you? Look no further!

by SKuba Steve on July 14, 2014

The Shine from Misfit Wearables is the only fitness monitor I've been able to find that is rated for diving. From personal experience I can tell you that it works!

Read more here!


Diving with the X-15 Monofin Hydrofoil

by Nico Danan on June 19, 2014

I recently took the new Oceanic Omega 3.0 regulator for a few scuba dives in both the Mediterranean sea and Kauai. I really have nothing but good thing to say about this rather small and stylish redesigned and improved regulator. In high currents and challenging workload situation the Omega 3.0 surprised me with a smooth and constant air delivery. Although not a huge fan of side exhaust second stage, the Omega 3.0 won me over taking my stream of bubble away from my face and behind me , opening my field of view while I was cruising the Hawaiian coral reef.

Bringing Speed and Efficiency to Scuba Diving ...


Snorkel Pros, Cons and Solutions

by SKuba Steve on May 14, 2014

Why do divers carry a snorkel? Don’t they have air already?!

If you’re not a SCUBA diver this is an understandable question. Why would we have a snorkel if we’re already carrying air in a cylinder on our backs?

And, if you are a diver do you ever ask yourself this question or have you ever left your snorkel in your dive bag (you don’t have to admit it out loud… just let the voice in your head do the talking).

The answer to the first question is, of course, we do have air but there are some good reasons for carrying a snorkel as a SCUBA diver and some problems as well.

Dive in for more!


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