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Tubbataha (Philippines) anyone?

by Liloulivi on May 16, 2016

Hi all,

Has anyone dived in Tubbataha in Philippines? I'm looking for recommendations on liveaboard. 

thank you!


Review: The Spree Live Aboard, Florida

by Pete Bucknell on November 01, 2015

A Review of the Spree: Live Aboard Wreck Trek Trip

The Spree is a Florida based live-aboard dive boat set up for large and small groups. Captained by Frank Wasson, trips are overseen by Melanie Wasson, who are both experienced divers and really terrific people.If you choose to take a Wreck Trek trip, you can do some deco diving while you're the diving the doubles or singles they have available (call ahead), you'll have access to 50% deco gas (all you can breath for a very reasonable price), bringing your own rigging and regs is obligatory. Bring a towel Bring glovesThe protocol for my trip was: 

open pool before lunch and 

open pool after lunch til 6pm ...


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