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Intova X2

by David Bishop on May 01, 2017

HiJust wondering if anyone has used the new Intova X2 - I flooded mine first dive (Warranty replacement underway) but was pretty decent for snorkelling. The reviews are scarce and was hoping to get an idea of what to expect.I have had a few Intovas (SP1, SP1-N and Edge X) and found them to run the Gopro pretty close, the intovas are ready to dive out the box so they appeal. Unfortunately there is no supply direct in the UK so had mine imported and not seen anyone else with one. ThanksDavid 'Dibs' Bishop


Panasonic 45mm Macro Lens Underwater Test

by Simon Chiu on January 03, 2015

I have used Panasonic 20mm and 14-42mm kit lens for underwater photography for more than two years. These two lens can't focus on close objects, so it's really difficult to use them to take pictures of small stuffs with good results. Hence, I bought a second hand Panasonic 45mm Macro lens to improve my underwater pictures.

The minimum focus distance of the lens on the lend is 15cm(0.49ft). How big the object taken by the lends can be? The diameter of the coin below is 2.6cm(1.02in), and the image of it taken by Panasonic GF1(4/3 mirror less) underwater is like this: 

So, if you take a picture of a coin-size frogfish, it will be approximately like this:  ...


Use Double Strobes for Macro Photography

by Simon Chiu on October 23, 2014

Why use double strobes for UW macro photography? The following two reasons are my humble opinions about it:

1. Reduce shadow

It's very easy to create shadow when we use only one source of lighting, like the picture shows below. I don't mean shadow is totally wrong or bad for the UW pictures. Shadow can bring more contrast and stereoscopic, however, many details will be lost in shadow.

Last time, I used double strobes to take the pictures of Porcelain Crab. As what we see below, there is less shadow on the subject and the picture is softer.

2. Various Strobe positioning ...


MANUAL Focus with Mirrorless Camera

by Simon Chiu on October 02, 2014

Out of focus again and again!!!

Can't focus underwater by auto mode, why not try MANUAL FOCUS?

I believe many divers who use mirrorless cameras and newly started to take macro pictures have the difficulty to focus on subjects. Using a mirrorless camera without a viewfinder, we have to take pictures by LCD monitor. This is one of the disadvantages of using mirrorless because it consumes battery faster. However, I take it as an advantage because it makes me apply manual focusing more easily.I went diving couple of weeks ago and practiced manual focusing with my Panasonic GF1. The picture below doesn't show clearly what the subject was, but it's a good example of manual focusing....


Tucia loves Diveboard - Free coupons to bring colors back to your pictures

by Ksso on August 08, 2014

Underwater photography is challenging. Not only do you need skills and gear to take a nice shot, but even with a perfect shot the end results may be a bit disappointing.

A lot of stuff come in the way of the perfect picture, namely:

Color absorption: This is why everything looks bleu at depth: red first then green are absorbed by water.

Backscatter: When you use a flash, you'll illuminate all the particles in between you and the subject you're shooting at - ending with countless small white dots everywhere in the picture

Good news : those can be fixed, and doing it properly will turn a good photo into something really amazing ! But picture fixing is really a question of skills and time. ...


My UW pics

by Ksporry on November 25, 2013

Not gonna do the blog thing again, but do want to occasionally show some of my pics. Since I host my pics on Flickr I rather just provide the link.

Have a look and feel free to leave comments!


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