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Sailing through Banda Sea, Indonesia

by Mantrayacht on January 30, 2015

From Bira to Ambon 

Travel Memoirs by Raul Boscarino


spending 5 months cruising in the Komodo National Park, Mantra left to her home

harbor in Bira, South Sulawesi. Another month of performing scheduled maintenance

and installing new equipment and we were ready to sail again.

The guests

landed in Makassar airport on the morning of 24th of November, and

arrived in Bira that same afternoon. Just on time for a great sunset drink at

Bira Beach and nice dinner on Mantra.

25th November

Morning, we

visited the nearby town of Tanah Beru, where hundreds of wooden boats are built

on the beach following few century old tradition. One of the big vessels was launched, ...


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