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by Kernsart on November 18, 2013

DEMA 2013, in Orlando, Florida seemed bigger this year, than last. The floor of the Orange County Convention Center, filled with gear, travel venues, accessories, and much more.The opening day air, was filled with the excitement of people in the diving industry from all over the world. Vendors readied and waiting for the crowd to enter, could hear "SCUBA RADIO" pumping up the crowd with music and giveaways. The veterans, talked among themselves, checked text messages, looking up on occas-ion for a familiar face, or distracted by the noise of the crowd. The newcomers, starry-eyed, searching for friends and perhaps a glimpse of one of the diving world's superstars. Then the doors opened on...


A Short Film "Underwater Poker Benefit 2013"

by SKuba Steve on November 16, 2013

Hi DiveBuddies!

Just a short film from our Underwater Poker Benefit event this year.


SKuba Steve


Why Dive a Computer? – Increased Dive Time!

by SKuba Steve on November 15, 2013

Editor’s note: There are six basic reasons I dive a computer and I wrote a really nice wordy word blog post about it and it was so long even I wouldn’t read it so… I’ve broken it down into six segments which I’ll post on Friday mornings (beginning with this one). Thx!

Now… why dive a computer?

I’m a gear-o-phile. Okay now that we got that out of the way…

Dive computers are a great addition to your dive system. When a diver on a limited budget asks me what they should purchase first, a dive computer is always high on the list (usually right below regulators – but every situation warrants some thought). I don’t sell diving computers, I don’t get commission when one a diver buys one but I’m...


Diveboard & GBIF team-up for the first citizen science platform monitoring marine species

by Ksso on November 14, 2013

GBIF, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, has announced today that Diveboard has integrated their network to become the first citizen science platform providing user-generated data helping monitor the evolution of the marine ecosystem.What does it mean ?It means that every time someone logs a dive and marks down the species he's encountered, scientific data will be published to GBIF for scientists to use and support their research.Why does it matter ?Marine biologists always need data to support their research, and conducting large-scale surveys is always complicated. By empowering recreational divers with the proper tools we can help them make a difference and visualise &...


Philippines wrecked by typhoon Haiyan - time to help!

by Ksso on November 13, 2013

As you may already have heard, typhoon Haiyan struck Philippines last friday causing massive amount of disaster and an estimate of about 2.500 deaths and 600.000 people left homeless by the category 5 typhoon. The island of Cebu, a very popular travel destination for scuba divers has been totally wiped out with about 90 to 95% buildings destroyed including hospitals and clinics.

The city of Tacloban one of the largest in the country with 220.000 has been ruined just the same (see the picture below)

Typhoon Haiyan devastated the city of Tacloban in the Philippine province of Leyte.Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images  ...


DEMA 2013 is ON!

by Ksso on November 06, 2013

The DEMA show is the biggest  trade show in the industry. This year it's taking place in Orlando, FL, and the Diveboard team is there to meet and greet fellow divers - and cover the latest industry news.

We're here on a mission: explain to as many shops as possible that asking their customers to log their dives with them and leave a review is the best way to keep a connection with their past customers and hopefully have them think about them and recommend them to their friends.

The show opens today, but the networking floor was already on last night at the Rosen hotel where I got to hear so many inspiring stories about new found shipwrecks or artificial reefs being created ! Engaging with...


Top-5 Most popular dive sites

by Pascal on October 30, 2013

We've been putting a lot of work lately on trying to tidy up the spot database. The result is an easier and more precise identification of the spots where diverboarders have been.

Also, it provides great insights on which are the most popular (crowded?) dive sites around the world. Here are the top 5 most popular diving spots, based on the dives logged on diveboard to date.

1. Jackson reef in Egypt (Sharm El Sheik)

Jackson Reef is located in the straits of Tiran, north of Sharm El Sheik. The dive site is very famous for the great profusion of hard and soft corals like gorgonian fans or black corals. The strong currents on the northern shore of the reef brings a great amount of food for...


World Octopus Day

by Ksso on October 09, 2013

Yesterday was the World Octopus Day - joins me in the celebration of one of my favorite species to encounter during a dive.

Octopuses are playful and when you learn how to interact with them you're on for hours of fun (air permitting). But as the infographics above reminds us, they are far from being helpless - armed with strong tentacles and a powerful beak they can be dreadful if you are careless !

Also watch out for polluted areas - we know too well how octopuses react to toxic spills (if you missed that joke you probably need to play Day of the Tentacle) !


How to safely push away an aggressive shark by Eli Martinez

by Ace Manev on October 09, 2013

Like to share a YouTube video that I recently watched.

I have encountered only reef sharks and they usually shy away on encounter. Nevertheless, interesting video to watch...


Whale Fantasy in Tonga Island

by Ksso on September 27, 2013

Perfect video to get ready to dive before the weekend! 3 mermaids freediving with humpback whales in Tonga islands. The images are totally breathtaking - especially when whales and mermaids roll on the side together - in a common silent understanding.This video was taken by Alan Watts and dive operator was Dolphin Pacific Diving.

Thanks Benoit for the tip !


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